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Dragon Ball Legends A Complete Introduction For Beginners

Dragon Ball Legends is an action card game based on the dragon ball universe. Players need to take control of the shallot, the main character. You can also collect more characters while progressing throughout the game. After acquiring the different dragons, you can send them into the battles. Many types of characters are available in the game to choose from. Pick the right characters and make a good collection. The game has simple mechanics; that’s why you don’t need to follow lots of instructions to play it perfectly. 

While taking part in the battles, you need to send some of your characters in order to compete against the characters of other players. To attack the opponents, you just need to tap on the screen. If the opponent is close to you, then you should go with a melee attack. On the other hand, if you are at a range, then your character should use Ki blast.

Know more about characters

It is important to talk about characters because they play a vital role in the game. Every character has some art cards that help them to perform actions during the battle. With the help of some attacks, they can make the physical attacks, whereas others are beneficial for ranged attacks. Some cards are the support cards that are helpful to boost the character stats. Players should never forget to chain cards into a combo by picking one by one. It is a good strategy that can help players to beat the opponents perfectly and doing a lot of damage.

Some characters also have ultimate attack cards that they can use to make powerful attacks. These attacks will definitely result in heavy damages. Keep this tip in mind while progressing throughout the game with your characters.

Challenges related to story chapter

When you head over to the story missions, then you will find a lot of challenges. Take part in the same and try to complete them as early as possible. Usually, you need to complete seven challenges to get a good number of rewards. Completing every challenge will reward you with three Chrono crystals. You may also get some other items as rewards. You can trade these items to get the rare materials for your characters. Always try to win PvP matches in order to get some rare medals.

Role of Chrono crystals

Chrono crystals have great importance in the game that players should never ignore. If you are playing this game, then you need to collect a good number of Chrono crystals. Many ways are out there to choose from, but you should follow the easiest method. With the help of leveling up faster and completing several missions, players can earn this currency. And that’s why always focus on leveling up the profile of your character to get some Chrono crystals. Also, fulfill some missions and get the same currency. Always try to spend it smartly while playing the game to be a successful player.