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Dragon Ball Legends – 5 Effective Tricks To Improve Your Winning Chances

Having a good strategy in mind can help players to speed up their progress while playing Dragon Ball Legends. The game is all about building up a powerful team by choosing the right characters based on their class and rarity level. After this, they should focus on winning the battles and completing several missions available in the game. Here, we are also going to mention some winning tactics to help beginners in achieving the desired success in the game.

  1. make a good strategy

Before going to take part in any battle, you need to make some notes about all the elements. Know about your opposite players and also check the characters that they are sending eye. Along with it,  focus on managing your team with which you are entering the battle. Set up your team as per the team of your opponents and then take your steps further. Always keep an eye on the icon of your characters to make the right decisions on time.

  • Improve your characters

Players should never forget to improve their characters in order to make them powerful. When you summon new characters, it is important to invest a significant amount of time and energy to make improvements. With the help of completing the story missions, players can earn EXP. You also have an option to train your characters by putting them into the training mode. It is important to wait until the completion of the training time limit. 

  • build up a strong team

When the game begins, you will be provided only with one character, but later, you can collect more. The various types of characters are available in the game that you can pick as per your desire to build up a strong team. Having an ultimate team of these characters can help you to win battles. Improve the characters of your team to make them stronger. After this, all you need to do is to implement some effective tips and tricks to be a winner.

  • claim the log in bonus

It is important for players to claim the daily bonus to load their game account with unlimited funds. When you begin to play the game, you will get 2000 Chrono crystals in the form of login rewards. After this, you can earn more by paying appropriate attention to several methods. You should spend this currency to buy summons and also to meet the other requirements. Make sure you are spending the currency smartly to gain the desired success. 

  • know the character types

It is important for players to know that the characters are also associated with the specific class type and rarity level. There are four types of classes available that are – melle, defense, support, and range. It is also crucial to know about the rarity level of the characters, which are known as hero, extreme, and sparking. Always keep all these things in mind while choosing a character for your team. Using this tactic can help the players to have unlimited advantages.